With an ear for language and an eye for detail, I bring accuracy and polish to every communications project. I care about getting every element not just right, but perfect. Read on to learn more about my approach and what previous clients have said about me.

Words and Sentences

My studies of linguistics, Latin, and several foreign languages have given me a deep understanding of what words mean and how to put them together. Having worked in many different areas of publishing and communications, I am keenly attuned to varying registers and jargons—the way professionals write for their peers. I’ve also worked with many clients who are non-native speakers of English and am sensitive to the pitfalls of writing in a second language. 


What all this means is that I’ll guide you toward language choices that will look correct and make sense to your audience, whoever it may be.  

Clarity and Logic

When I read any piece of writing, I’m looking to see if it’s complete. Is enough information provided for the intended reader to understand what’s being discussed? Do the main points have enough evidence to be convincing? Are the transitions between points and sections smooth and logical? Is the piece structured so as to set the reader’s expectations appropriately—and does it meet those expectations?


If not, I can suggest corrections, research solutions, or ask questions to guide you toward clearer communication.

Polish and Style

Having worked for many types of publishers, I can put the finishing touches on a piece whether it’s for print, web, or elsewhere. I’ve worked with dozens of house style guides and will make sure your text follows guidelines to the letter. I’ll review your formatting to make sure it’s clean and consistent throughout the piece and your images to check that they’re legible, properly placed, and appropriately labeled.

This meticulousness extends to my own communications. I explain my changes thoroughly and provide clarifications whenever needed. When our work is done, you’ll be left confident that the final product communicates what you mean to say, and in a way that meets professional standards.  


I got to know Rachel when she was still working with one of the most prestigious journals in my field. Rachel helped me with my very first publication seven years ago. It was then that I realized the value of a good copy-editor. She greatly improved the clarity, consistency, and readability of the paper. Over the years Rachel has been helping me with many articles, proposals and applications. She has always been communicative, reliable and responsible. And most important, her work represents the highest professional standard of copy-editing. I truly appreciate the work she has provided and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve the quality of her/his academic work of any kind.

X. Tian, University of Hong Kong

It was a pleasure working with Rachel. She has the talent to improve and upgrade the text while keeping the author's voice and style. She always had excellent comments and suggestions that exceeded mere copyediting and improved the overall flow, structure and coherence of the text. 

Michal Pagis, Bar Ilan University, Israel

Rachel is a skilled, experienced, and dedicated copyeditor. Her comments capture my thought patterns. Her suggested replacements reveal my assumptions. Her word choice clarifies my theoretical constructions. She always provides practical knowledge about how I can stick to my own inspirations under criticism. Rachel is a wonderful copyeditor and I highly recommend her.

Mahito Hayashi, Kinko Naguin University, Japan

Rachel's experience editing social science papers means that her editing suggestions are on point and appropriate to the standards of my field. I also appreciate that she often has a flexible schedule and that she returns edited manuscripts within the estimated amount of time. She accommodates large and small editing projects and is always willing to answer questions about her edits or look at a revised version of a previously edited paper.

Francisco Parro, Adolfo Ibáñez University, Chile